2016 Year in Review

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Tote Bags of Love brought the community together at 50 Production Events.  Through these events and the generosity  of members and organizations of our  community we were able to do the following:

In January

  • Donate 80 hats and scarfs to Robby Eimers from the Eimers Foundation. Robby is 13 years old and every Saturday goes to Downtown Detroit to distribute food, clothing and hygiene products to our less fortunate.

In February

  • The following was giving to Trinity Lutheran Church for our Less Fortunate: 25 Weather-Proof Tote Bags, 29 Blankets for Adults and Children, and 32 pairs of gloves for Adults and Children.
  • 130 Various sizes of Duffel Bags were presented to a group of McLaren Cancer Survivors that are also volunteers at the McLaren Cancer Center. They will be filling these bags given them to Cancer Patients when they come to the Center to receive their Cancer treatment.

In March

  • Gave 20 Backpacks to a group of individuals that make 20 hygiene packs each month and gives them to an organization called “All Worthy of Love”. Instead of placing the hygiene packs in plastic shopping bags – they will be using these Backpacks.  “All Worthy of Love” helps individuals that have been involved with Human Trafficking.

In April

  • Gave Covenant Christian Center International located in Mt. Clemens 75 Multi-Use Tote Bags and 50 Mini Duffel bags. This Church houses a warming center for a week during the month of April.  They distributed the various bags to the less fortunate that took part in the warming center during that week.
  • Gave 20 hygiene packs to the St George Orthodox Church in Troy. These hygiene packs will be packed with other items and sent to our military.

In May

  • Gave Comprehensive Services for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc. located in New Haven – 25 Mini Duffel bags and 5 Multi-Use Tote Bags.


In June

  • Gave The Orchards Cupboard Food Pantry located on McKay Rd. in Bruce Twp., MI – 20 Weather-Proof Tote Bags.
  • Gave Big Family a 100 full size tubes of toothpaste.

In July

  • Gave Turning Point located in Mt. Clemens the following items: 50 Weather-Proof Tote Bags containing hygiene kits, 6 bags and boxes containing woman’s feminine hygiene products, bottles of sun screen, bottles sun burn lotion, wipes, wallets, etc.

In August

  • Tote Bags of Love received a donation of the 2 Tiger tickets with seating in the Jack Daniels’ Champion Club and a ticket to park in the Tigers’ garage. These tickets were given to Tote Bags of Love to be used toward our fundraising efforts. However, it was decided to donate them to a Spaghetti Raffle/Fundraiser for Cristel Morris.  Cristel is 38 years old and mother of 5.  It was brought to Tote Bags of Love’s attention that Cristel just survived having 2 Brain Aneurisms removed.  She would be having extensive rehabilitation therapy and only had a limited amount of funds.

In September

  • We gave a monetary donation of $250.00 to “Love a Michigan Vet Project”. This organization’s goal is to support Michigan Veterans and their families.  They have done this in the following ways.   They supplied a much needed car to a veteran, partner with 4 veteran shelters (175 veterans) in the area, they host packing parties where the items will be sent to our deployed service members, they are planning on having a Christmas dinner party for all 4 shelters (175 veterans) and are adopting Veteran families for Christmas. (They helped 30 last year).  This donation will be used to cover cost of dinners at the 4 veteran shelters that they support in October, 2016

 In October

  • Donated 60 Weather-Proof Tote Bags, to the Pope Francis center in downtown Detroit. The Pope Francis Center provides a welcoming and safe place for Detroit’s homeless to tend to their most basic and vital needs. They treat each of their guests as a whole person, ministering to their mind, body and spirit while honoring them with dignity and respect.
  • Donated 30 Weather-Proof Tote Bags that were taking to downtown Detroit to be giving to our Less Fortunate (homeless).

In November

  • Donated 80 Pairs of Men’s XL Boxer underwear and 150 Mini Duffels to “Love a Michigan Vet Project”.

In December

  • Once a month a group of very caring and kind individuals go to downtown Detroit to help our Less Fortunate (homeless). They give them food and various other items that are needed.    The following was donated to this group: 50 Weather-Proof Tote Bags that are the perfect size for younger children.  They were also given several dozens of hats, gloves, scarfs and socks that will be used by adults and children.

Spread the word about Tote Bags of Love by either speaking at or attending 14 organization’s events.

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