April 20

Posted by: Sharon Therrian

Tote Bags of Love  is looking for a permanent location (about 800 sq. ft.) in Shelby, Washington, or surrounding area that can be donated or the rent would be minimal to help us continue to make our tote bags for the Underprivileged Children, Military/Veterans, Seniors, and Our Less Fortunate (homeless). Our goal is to find a place where we will be able to setup all our sew machines and tables, shelving units that hold the material needed to make the various bags & filler items that we either donate or put in the tot bags we make, 4 boxes loaded with scissors, thread, seam rippers, rulers, makers, needles, etc., and 5 Boxes that hold a variety of information used during presentations and fundraiser. Plus other items that we may need. If you know of a place – https://www.facebook.com/ToteBagsOfLove/

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