One Tote Bag so many Uses

Tote Bags of Love Multi-Use Tote Bag is can be made into several types of Tote Bags.  Due to its diversity it can help several types of individuals – children, seniors, veterans/military.  Another interesting item about the  Multi-Use Tote Bag is that it is  made from discounted upholstery fabric.

Below is shown the different ways the Tote Bag can be changed into.

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Tote Bags For Less Fortunate

Tote Bags of Love understands that there is a substantial need for a weather-proof Tote Bag in our Homeless community.

This type of Tote Bag has been distributed to the homeless directly, to warming and cooling centers, and to shelters that open their facilities to the homeless.

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Tote Bags for Anyone And Everyone

Tote Bags of Love makes the Mini Duffel Bag.  It has been distributed to our troops over seas.  It was filled with a full size shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  This is done because our dear military have to use distilled water to wash with and this is very hard on their hair and skin.  This helps at least a little.  Anything we can do for our Military is a Plus.   

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