One Tote Bag so many Uses

February 5th, 2014 | Tote Bags of Love


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Tote Bags of Love Multi-Use Tote Bag is can be made into several types of Tote Bags.  Due to its diversity it can help several types of individuals – children, seniors, veterans/military.  Another interesting item about the  Multi-Use Tote Bag is that it is  made from discounted upholstery fabric.

Below is shown the different ways the Tote Bag can be changed into.

 The strings on the top and the sides of the Tote Bag allow it to be used in several ways.


Here it is on a walker:


It can be a cinch bag


It can be a Back Pack


Do you know someone who needs a Tote Bag of Love?

Or do you need a different type of a Tote Bag?

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